Thursday, September 9, 2010

Plugging Along...

Desperate for some "anti-procrastination" medicine.  I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for internet to show up at my apartment... Fairpoint is KILLING ME!!!

And because I have to wait for internet, I have to wait to watch my favorite shows... I have to wait to watch my online lectures for grad classes... I even have to wait to check my FACEBOOK!!!  Ugh.

Waiting is one thing of course, procrastinating is another.  I could definitely be staying at school late (like I did last night and will tonight), but what would my poor kitties do without me?  They somehow need me to facilitate playtime... I bought them little catnip balls and they went nuts for them!

I can't wait until I get a doggie... then maybe they'll all stay entertained without me constantly there with a mouse toy or string.

On an unrelated note, my grad classes look like they'll be fun... fun with a whole lot of work mixed in!  Wowee.  My first couple weeks have about 100 pages of reading... a couple hours of research... and a few more hours of writing papers... NOT easy to do without internet!!!

How is everyone else doing?  Lots of work?  School or job-wise?  How are fall sports going?