Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bob Marley!

I love this guy.  I got lucky this weekend: Devon is working the show in Presque Isle for the MSFFF (Maine State Federation of Firefighters) thing this weekend.  I got to see him last night, and I get to watch the show (the benefit of having a "sound guy" for a husband).

Here's a quick snap of the set-up:

Probably not the best use of my free time, watching comedy, but I think it's a good use of my "sane time."  I need to keep myself laughing and having a good time whenever possible... It's hard living four hours apart! 

For those of you that care to know, tomorrow I'm driving down to Bangor to pick up a friend, then we're going to hike the Orono Bogwalk!  Then, I'm going to drive back up to Houlton and spend the rest of the evening chained to my desk/computer working on GRAD CLASS PAPERS!!!

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