Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mars Hill!

We did it!  Shadow & I trekked the 1 mile up to the Mars Hill wind turbines!  Here's a breakdown of the trip in a few key phrases:

- 1st 30 feet:  OHHHHH MYYYYYYY GAWWWWWWDDDD my shins BURRRRRNNNNNNNNN.  Shadowwwww slow down... I can't go this fast!!! [We're traveling about 1mi/hr.]

- ~halfway up: *pant pant* [that's me panting] We're gonna do this Shadow! 

- Standing next to a massive wind turbine: WHOA.  Shadow even got to be off-leash!  He was so well behaved, not going out of my sight, checking out the scenery... I was SO happy (see Facebook/Tumblr photos).

- We walked up an ATV trail for a bit, but when it got too steep, we turned around.  Kinda bummed we didn't get to see Mt. Katahdin.  I guess that leaves us with a reason to go back up again!

- On the way down, I let Shadow be off-leash for most of it, considering I would step on a loose rock, stumble, yell "I'm gonna diiiiiiieeeeeeee," and repeat until the bottom...

- My shins, along with most of my body, will probably be hating me very much tomorrow.

The view from the top was totally worth it, though!!!
Who wants to go with me next weekend?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Getting busy!!!

It's actually been a very fun weekend so far!  Shadow got to hang out with his buddy Minnie - the Connors' doggie.  They both did an AWESOME job walking on leash around the town...!  I was very proud of both of them.  I'm glad we all got to walk so much yesterday and today, but it has set me behind a little.  I'm late in turning in a bunch of grad school assignments... and I want to have more stuff graded for bio than I do... but I have Sunday, right!?

Back to work!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How was harvest break?

Feels good to be back... sort of!  I slept too much, so I'm having a rough time adjusting to teacher schedule.

I found a couple of FREE APPS for iPhone/iPod, and I want someone to check them out for me!
General Ed Apps:

Speed Anatomy Lite

I will probably use a couple of these!

Other Science-y Apps:
Periodic Table
Science Glossary (FREE!)
Idea Sketch (like OmniGraffle)

Friday, October 1, 2010


This is the first video I took... DON'T MOCK ME FOR IT, I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!



I was picking my car from York's and THIS HAPPENED!!!!!

Happy Harvest Break!

Well... we made it to harvest break.  Horray for us!

75% of my chicklets are PASSING too!  That's so exciting.  I'll have to step up my game since so many of you are doing so well!  I guess you need something a bit more challenging!

What's everyone doing over break?  I'm going to spend the majority of my break doing grad school homework.  My exam is Oct 6th... it's 3 parts: 1 part is multiple choice (3 hours), 1 part is short answer (2 hours), and the third part is an extended essay (he's giving us a week to do it).  YUCK. 

FUN TIMES.  I've got some ideas for stuff after break... nothing solid, but it's early yet.

Have a lovely break from school!