Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Harvest Break!

Well... we made it to harvest break.  Horray for us!

75% of my chicklets are PASSING too!  That's so exciting.  I'll have to step up my game since so many of you are doing so well!  I guess you need something a bit more challenging!

What's everyone doing over break?  I'm going to spend the majority of my break doing grad school homework.  My exam is Oct 6th... it's 3 parts: 1 part is multiple choice (3 hours), 1 part is short answer (2 hours), and the third part is an extended essay (he's giving us a week to do it).  YUCK. 

FUN TIMES.  I've got some ideas for stuff after break... nothing solid, but it's early yet.

Have a lovely break from school!

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