Monday, January 10, 2011

BUHHHHHH...... Edline!

I have been procrastinating SO BAD.  I'm usually pretty good at updating grades on Edline, and I have TOTALLY been slacking!  I'm sorry to my kidlets for this, I'm a total bonehead.  I'm getting some of the grades up tonight, and a few more this weekend.  It is my "New Year's Resolution" (among other things) to post to Edline every 7-10 days.  I hope this will be enough for you guys!  Also... forgot to bring a bunch of stuff home tonight, so I'll have to grade quizzes tomorrow.

In other news, I'm in two new grad classes - "Dynamics of the Curriculum" and "Computers & the Collaborative Classroom."  Don't those sound fun?!!!  For me, yes; for you, probably not!  You'll probably be part of another experiment or two soon enough!

Also, I'm thinking about doing a "30-day challenge/365 project" about one of my classrooms.  Any input would be appreciated!

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