Thursday, December 2, 2010

This could change everything...

 Scientists have discovered a bacterium that can convert arsenic to phosphorus.  All of life on Earth uses phosphorus as its DNA backbone... except this bacterium.  Wow.

In other, more relevant news, I'll be photographing the Winter Ball this Saturday!  For those of you ladies that read this blog, don't overdo it on the foundation make-up!  It shows up really well with flash photography, and not in a good way!

Also, how are you going to get photos?  As you know, I have a Facebook, so I'll post the photos there.  I can't tag you, but you can see them all and make your favorite your profile pic.  You might be able to tag yourself and others, but I don't know for sure!  My page is for future reference.

What if you want to buy prints?  Most likely, this will be through Shutterfly!  Stay tuned...

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