Monday, August 9, 2010

Crazy is as crazy does.

The first step in my planning was to realize that I have a lot of darned (not knitting) planning to do.

The second step in planning was to get pumped up:
    - Tell yourself you're AWESOME!
    - Remind yourself how AWESOME the kids are gonna be.
    - Recognize the utter coolness of science.
    - Think about the WICKED COOL ways I'm going to be awesome.

Okay, pumping up complete.

Step three, go to the public library for some peace and quiet.

Step four is to create a schedule for myself.
This is as far as I've gotten:

Yup, I haven't even added "BREAKFAST" in there yet.

I have been using this template for my semester schedule for years!  It gives me joy and brings me calm all in one.  Once I finish it and it's in color, I will post it.

You have no idea how crazy I feel that I am mapping out to the hour when I will have dinner, study, and walk.  But despite the impending "Whoa, Mrs. M!  You are kind of OCD, huh?", I feel at ease with myself.

See you in a few weeks.